2018 EMR Swimming

On Friday the 16th of March, 11 OLGC students went to EMR (Eastern Metropolitan Region) Swimming which was held at Aquanation, Ringwood. OLGC competed in 3 relays and 3 individual events.


Open girls Medley relay : 12th

9/10 years boys Freestyle relay : 5th

11 year girls Freestyle relay : 10th

Nathaniel R-B : 3rd 9/10 boys Backstroke, 9/10 boys Butterfly 8th

Priya A : 9/10 girls Butterfly 5th.

Everyone swam amazingly but the competition was very tough, Unfortunately no one made it through to States but Nathaniel was the closest in the  9/10 boys Backstroke, getting a 3rd place medal. Only 1st made it through to State. Well done to everyone who competed in regional swimming.


OLGC EMR Swimming team                                     11 Years Girls Freestyle relay team


Nathaniel with his 3rd medal for backstroke                        Open Girls Medley relay team

2018 Division Swimming

On 5th of March, OLGC participated in Division Swimming at Aquanation swimming pool in Ringwood. 22 OLGC students swam in 25 races, including 7 relays and 18 individual events.

Everyone swam very well with lots of ribbons being won. Congratulations to everyone.          OLGC got 3 relays and 3 individuals through to the next round, which is regional. Eastern Metropolitan Regional swimming is next Friday,16th March, back at Aquanation. Good luck to all of our Regional swimmers.

The following teams/students made it through to Regional swimming:

9/10 year Boys freestyle relay-1st

11 year Girls Freestyle relay-1st

Open girls medley- 2nd

Nathaniel R-B  -1st in 9/10 boys backstroke

                         -2nd in 9/10 boys butterfly

Priya A –          -1st in 9/10 girls Butterfly


9/10 Boys Freestyle Relay team                              11 Years Girls Freestyle Relay team


Julia and Olivia                                                             Nathaniel

Running Club

Running club will be commencing at lunchtime on Wednesday 21st March. It will continue throughout the year, every Wednesday lunchtime. This is an opportunity for all Grade 4 – 6 students to improve their fitness and to train for cross country and athletics. If students would like to attend they should bring their running gear (PE uniform) in their bag and change into their running clothes at the start of lunchtime.

This year running club will be held at several venues. Linear Park, Reservoir Reserve, Balwyn Park and along the Anniversary trail.

2018 District Swimming

On Wednesday 21st February, 29 Year 3-6 students represented OLGC at the Box Hill District Swimming carnival at Aquarena, Doncaster. Our swimmers hit the water flying, winning the Open Boys and Girls medley relay races first up. All of our competitors swam their fastest and cheered loudly. They demonstrated great sportsmanship and tried their hardest. OLGC won 19 of the 32 events, came 2nd in 6 events and placed 3rd in 4 events. Out of the 8 relays, OLGC won 6 of them and came 2nd in another and 3rd in the other one which is an outstanding result. Congratulations to our Swimming team and best of luck at the Whitehorse Division Swimming carnival on Monday 5th March. OLGC has 22 students progressing through to that event.

Overall Results

1. OLGC – 487 points

2. Birralee – 460 points

3. Box Hill North – 320 points

4. Wattle Park – 290 points

5. Kerrimuir – 80 points


OLGC Swimming Team                                               Open Boys Medley team


12 Years Girls Freestyle relay team                         9/10 Years Boys Freestyle relay team

Term 1 Overview 2018


Foundation Level

  • Development and practice of basic movement sequences – running, skipping, hopping, jumping
  • Development of Fundamental Motor skills – throwing and catching; skipping with a rope
  • Participating in games with and without equipment
  • Cooperative play
  • Understanding of boundaries and simple rules and directions
  • Understanding how to move and  play safely

Levels 1 & 2

  • Performance of basic movement sequences – running, skipping, hopping, jumping
  • Development and practice of Fundamental Motor Skills – throwing and catching; skipping with a rope
  • Cooperative play in partner and small group activities and games
  • Safe use of equipment and understanding how to play safely
  • Identifying simple rules of games
  • Demonstrating fair play when participating in games

Levels 3 & 4

  • Development of net/wall sport specific skills and games (newcombe & bat tennis)
  • Refining fundamental motor skills and movement patterns – running, leaping, jumping, throwing, catching, striking
  • Introduction of basic game strategies and concepts: hitting/throwing a ball into space
  • Team work / working cooperatively
  • Demonstration of fair play

Levels 5 & 6

  • Development of more specialised net/wall motor skills (volleystars, badminton & bat tennis)
  • Application of net/wall skills in games and modified activities
  • Application of game strategies to achieve movement outcomes in games of volleystars, badminton and bat tennis eg. hitting or digging/setting the ball into space
  • Demonstrating skills to work collaboratively and play fairly
  • Participating positively in teams and negotiating roles and responsibilities

2017 State Hooptime

Congratulations to our OLGC Junior All Star Boys team and Senior Future Star Oilers team for their amazing effort at State Hooptime last week. It was a terrific opportunity for our students to being playing basketball at such a high level and to be part of  the whole State experience, including the parade and photos. Well done to both of our teams. We are really proud of your results and success. The Junior All Star boys team finished 12th in the State and our Senior Future Star Oilers came 32nd.


Senior Future Star Oilers                                    Junior All Star Boys

2017 OLGC Intensive Swimming Program

OLGC held their Intensive Swimming Program at Genazzano during the week of 27th November to 1st December. it was a very hot week so the students enjoyed being in the water and staying cool. The students built on on their swimming strokes and water safety techniques. The Friday was ‘safety day’ and the students wore clothes in the water and learnt how to swim with the extra drag. They also learnt different survival and lifesaving techniques, including safety jumps, treding water, tows and reaching with an aid. The program had an excellent participation rate and the students listened and gave everything a go.









State Hooptime

OLGC has 2 teams participating in State Hooptime finals this year.

Our Junior All Star boys team is competing on Monday 27th November at Dandenong Basketball Stadium and our Senior Future Star Oilers team will play on Friday 1st December, also at Dandenong. It is very exciting to have 2 teams make State this year and we are very proud of their achievements. We know they will represent OLGC to the best of their ability and show great sportsmanship.

Congratulations and best of luck.


2017 OLGC Intensive Swimming Program

OLGC will run their Intensive Swimming Program at Genazzano Swimming Pool from Monday 27th November to Friday 1st December. Each session will be 45 mins long over 5 consecutive days.


9.15  – 10.00 am  1/2H & ½ 2BC
10.00 – 10.45 am  1/2T & ½ 2BC
11.00 – 11.45 am   PP  & PB
11.45 – 12.30 pm   3D & 3R
1.00 –  1.45 pm     12 x 4M & 4C
1.45  –  2.30 pm    Year 5 &12 x 4M
2.30  – 3.15 pm    Year 6

Program is based on Royal Lifesaving Victoria and the Victorian Curriculum
4 days of stroke technique + 1 day of survival skills: Prep – Year 4
Focus on lifesaving & survival techniques: Year 5 & 6

  • All students must wear a bathing cap & goggles and bring a towel
  •  No food or drink allowed at the pool, except a water bottle
  • Students may wear their sports uniform all week
  • Prep to Year 2 should come to school with their bathers on, under their sports uniform.  


In term 4 at OLGC, our Prep to Year 2s are participating in a gymnastics unit focusing on balance, locomotion and rotation.  The students are able to hold balances for 3 to 5 secs on single or multiple body parts, create letters with their bodies as well as in pairs and groups of 3,  and perform partner and group balances. The Year 1s and 2s are also attempting handstands and headstands. Each student is encouraged to be creative and imaginative. The students are also learning to execute log rolls, egg rolls, forward rolls, backward shoulder rolls and cartwheels. The Year 2s and more advanced students are joining their rolls together to make mini sequences. They are also practising moving and balancing on the low foam balance beam and making shapes in the air off the mini trampoline before landing in motorbike on the crash mat.

Our Year 5 and 6 students are also participating in a gymnastics program with a gymnastics company who comes into our school and brings a wide range of apparatus. The students are learning to perform on vault, parallel bars, beam and floor.

Grade 1s and 2s performing rolls and cartwheels




Year 5 & 6