Regional Swimming

Eastern Metropolitan Regional (EMR) Swimming was held on Friday 17th of March at Aquanation Swimming Pool, Ringwood. Ten students represented OLGC which was a large number of swimmers to get through to this level of competition. All the races were timed finals and OLGC swam strongly with all swimmers doing their best.

The final results were:

  • 9/10 Girls Freestyle Relay Team: ( Priya, Anna J, Maya and Anika ) 8th in heat and 9th overall.
  • 9/10 Boys Freestyle Relay Team: ( Nathaniel, Mackye, Will B and Eddy) 5th in heat and 7th overall.
  • 9/10 years Backstroke: (Mackye) 8th in heat, 10th overall.
  • 9/10 years Backstroke: (Anna J) 1st in heat, 8th overall.                                                       4.
  • 11 years Backstroke: (Annabelle R-B) 3rd in heat, 11th overall.
  • 11 years Butterfly: (Paige R-B) 8th in heat, 11th overall.

Competing at the Regional level is always very tough, but we are very proud of our swimmers for getting that far. It was an excellent effort. Well done to our OLGC swimmers.

OLGC Regional Swim Team

Running Club 2017

Running Club is available to all Year 4 – 6 students at OLGC. It will be held every Tuesday lunchtime. Students need to wear their PE uniform and runners. It is a great way to improve cardiovascular fitness and have fun. We run in the parks near school and along the bike path. Students are encouraged to come along and give it a try. It caters for all levels of fitness and can be enjoyed with friends or can be a great way to meet other students at OLGC.

Whitehorse Division Swimming 2017

On Monday 6 March the OLGC swim team went back to Aquarena Swimming Pool to participate in the Whitehorse Division Swimming Carnival. There was lots of excitement and nerves but everyone participated and swam as hard as they could. OLGC swam very well and many students won 1st, 2nd and 3rd ribbons. Our 9/10 years boys and girls freestyle relay teams both came first so progress through to the Regional swimming carnival. Also Mackye Morrison, Anna Jackson and Annabel Rodbard-Bean progressed in their individual backstroke events and Paige Rodbard-Bean made it through in butterfly. Congratulations to all the students who participated. Good luck to our Regional swimmers who will swim at Aquanation Swimming Pool on Friday 17th March in the EMR Carnival.



District Swimming 2017

On Thursday 16th February, the OLGC Swimming Team went to Aquarena Swimming Pool to swim in the Box Hill District Swimming Carnival. Six schools competed, aiming to finish 1st or 2nd in each race to advance to the Division Swimming carnival. The other schools put up an amazing fight with many races being close, but OLGC managed to win or come second in most of the individual races. OLGC also won 4 of the Freestyle relay races and came 2nd in the other 2 so that means our whole swimming team is going through to Division. Our girls medley team also came second. The sportsmanship shown by all of our swimmers and the loud cheering was terrific. Well done to all of the students who participated at the District swimming.

The Division Swimming carnival is being held on Monday 6th March.




Term 1 PE Overview 2017


Foundation Level

  • Development and practice of basic movement sequences – running, skipping, hopping, jumping
  • Development of Fundamental Motor skills – throwing and catching; skipping with a rope
  • Participating in games with and without equipment
  • Cooperative play
  • Understanding of boundaries and simple rules and directions
  • Understanding how to move and  play safely

Levels 1 & 2

  • Performance of basic movement sequences – running, skipping, hopping, jumping
  • Development and practice of Fundamental Motor Skills – throwing and catching; skipping with a rope
  • Cooperative play in partner and small group activities and games
  • Safe use of equipment and understanding how to play safely
  • Identifying simple rules of games
  • Demonstrating fair play when participating in games

Levels 3 & 4

  • Development of net/wall skills and games (newcombe & bat tennis)
  • Refining fundamental motor skills and movement patterns – running, leaping, jumping, throwing, catching, striking
  • Introduction of basic game strategies and concepts
  • Team work / working cooperatively
  • Demonstration of fair play

Levels 5 & 6

  • Development of more specialised net/wall motor skills (volleystars, badminton & bat tennis)
  • Application of net/wall skills in games and modified activities
  • Application of game strategies to achieve movement outcomes in games of volleystars, badminton and bat tennis
  • Demonstrating skills to work collaboratively and play fairly
  • Participating positively in teams and negotiating roles and responsibilities

Intensive Swimming Program

Congratulations to all of our students on completing our first OLGC Intensive Swimming Program at Genazzano.  It was a very successful program with lots of learning taking place in the water. The prep to Year 4 program concentrated on stroke technique with the last class focusing on water safety and survival. The Year 5 and 6 program taught the students lifesaving techniques as well as water safety and survival.  Below are a series of photos taken on the last day when the students swam with clothes on in the water.

img_4374         img_4369-mobile

img_4380-mobile        img_4381-mobile

img_4385      img_4384


State Hooptime

images-5-mobile    On Monday 21st November, the Junior All Stars Girls team, consisting of Anika Keating, Grace Kwok, Mary Murphy, Siobhan Petersen, Abby Fraser, Annabelle Rodbard-Bean and Paige Rodbard-Bean, went to State Hooptime at Dandenong Sports Stadium. OLGC had a tough start loosing their first three games in their pool. On the fourth game they won 12-4 against Chatham Primary School. They also got to play a consolation game which they won 12 – 0. It was an amazing game. After that they had a parade with all the State All Star teams to celebrate the love of basketball that they all share . At the end of the parade, the girls got t-shirts that say STATE HOOPTIME CHAMPIONS! They also got signatures from amazing NBA and WNBA players and got to ask them questions. All the girls who participated in State Hooptime had a great time and showed terrific sportsmanship and determination. OLGC is very proud of them! img_7644-mobile


OLGC Intensive Swimming Program

Date:                                Monday 28th November to Friday 2nd December, 2016

Lesson Duration:          45mins lessons

Venue:                             Genazzano Swimming Pool

What to Bring:              Towel

                                           Bathers—1 piece for Girls / Speedos or swimming trunks for Boys


                                           Swimming Cap (Compulsory)



                                           Drink Bottle

Clothing Requirements:              Sports uniform can be worn all week.

lessons-mobile       swim-lesson-738x355-mobile          5261fe19-2ef8-4b6a-9976-9d287a77842b-mobile

Regional Hooptime

On Monday 7 November, the Junior All Star boys and girls went to MSAC for Regional Hooptime. Each team played four games of two eight minutes halves. The girls won their first game 20 – 0 and the boys won 14 – 4. In the second game the All Star girls had a challenge but still managed to win 6-5. Unfortunately, the boys lost the next 3 games although they were very close. The girls managed to win all of their games and made it to the final, playing Elsternwick Primary School. The final was very tough the scores ended up 7 – 4 with OLGC winning . The girls were very excited to be going through to the State finals at Dandenong on 21st November. The boys and girls all had a very fun day.

unnamed-1-mobile The Girls All Star Team

Prep to Year 2 Gymnastics Program

At the start of term 4, our prep to Year 2 students are participating in a gymnastics unit focusing on balances and rolls. The students are able to hold balances for 3 to 5 secs on single or multiple body parts, create letters with their bodies, move around like different animals and perform partner and group balances. The Year 1s and 2s are also attempting handstands and headstands. Each student is encouraged to be creative and involve their whole self. The students are also learning to execute log rolls, egg rolls, forward rolls, backward shoulder rolls and cartwheels. The Year 2s and more advanced students are joining their rolls together to make mini sequences. They are also practising moving and balancing on the low foam balance beam and making shapes in the air off the mini trampoline before landing in motorbike on the crash mat.

Motorbike Landings

dsc_0886-mobile dsc_0884-mobile-2

dsc_0889-mobile dsc_0891-mobile

Being snakes                                                              Being inchworms

dsc_0895-mobile dsc_0896-mobile

Rolls (Egg, Log and forward rolls)

dsc_0984 dsc_0963-mobile dsc_0967-mobile  dsc_0994-mobile

Shapes in the air off the mini tramp (below)           Handstand (above)

dsc_0966-mobile dsc_0945-mobile